Nutrigenomic & Food Sensitivity Testing

The following services are available to aid in identifying potential causes for unwanted health symptoms and to pave the road to health restoration and maintenance.


  1. Nutrigenomic Testing – Nutrition Genome is a comprehensive service that provides vital information on the interaction between our genes and the environment. A simple cheek swab is able to analyze almost 100 different genes related to digestion, hormones, neurology, inflammation, energy and detoxification. The results of this testing aid in the development of personalized nutrition needs for your specific genetic blueprint to function optimally. Purchase your kit today! 

  2. Food Sensitivity Testing – The Patented Mediator Release Test or MRT® is the most complete and comprehensive food sensitivity test. This blood test aids in the identification of personalized inflammatory foods and food chemicals that cause gastrointestinal symptoms, weight fluctuations and much more.


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